the CO2 solution

The CO2 solution brings double digits sales growth combined with a decrease in credit risk of the underlying portfolio to which the solution is applied, while using the existing customer base to a maximum. We are happy to say that CO2 is a revolutionary approach to develop and design pre-approved customer offers for Retail and SME portfolios. The solution offers the following features that are complete game changers:

Customer Income Estimation

models provide the capability to  precisely estimate income for more than 90% of the existing customer base  including loans only customers, less active and  savings account only clients. It is further enhanced with the ability to estimate repayment capacity for more than 80% of the existing SME portfolio including all active and less active segments as well as estimation of the tax optimization based cash flow reserves. These features are in full compliance with the relevant EU regulation.

Customer Business Space

is a strategic business playing field which offers a new customer centric approach paired with significant improvements in offer conversion rates. It is one of the key functionalities of the CO2 solution and one of the prerequisites for the Bank 3.0 concept, which

(1) allows the Bank to select the right eligible customer base

(2) predefines the central Business space that is available to sellers when concluding deals with customers

(3) is filled with optimal limits that fit customer needs.

Optimized Decisions

provides the ability to make precise risk decisions; decreasing credit risk while increasing sales. Our optimized decision engine is significantly more precise than the commonly used cut-off approach, achieving double digit sales growth and a decrease of average PD of the loan portfolio by more than 20%. The solution offers more control over portfolio risk by taking into account future portfolio structure and its risk profile, and enabling the analysis of results of profit and market share optimization scenarios, bank's existing customer base value and potential.

Implementation is simple and straightforward

First business benefits are utilized after 4-5 months

Single package with full intellectual rights and technology

Complete solution is based only on existing internal Bank data

Does not require major IT changes

how does it work ?

Step 1

To unveil the potential of the solution we start off by calculating a business case with your internal data. The business case provides the binding project potential from our side, with an exact number of new potential pre-approved offers.

The process concludes with the preparation of the project plan.

Step 2

Start of the project, with detailed  assessment of the existing risk and business models.

Given more detailed internal data the risk and business models are developed.

As a final step the preparation for the pilot optimization is performed.

Step 3

Having all models and information ready the final pilot evaluation and optimization tuning is performed.

To finalize the processes, the automation of model scoring and optimization is completed.

Upon successful completion, the solution is ready for Go Live stage.


Each customer gets an income estimation, indebtedness estimation, probability of default estimation, propensity to buy (need) estimation for each product type, product size fit estimation for each product type. All based on the customers behavior and transaction history on all existing accounts in the last 6/12 months. This is the basis for product maximum limits.


The goal is a customer centric system where the bank does not push campaigns for products which are best for the bank, each customer gets a tailor made product mix which is fitted to his needs and profile. The optimization engine at the same time satisfies certain portfolio constraints which are important to the bank shareholders and regulators . A win win for all participants.


These optimal offers generated by the optimization engine are available at all times and on all channels for a quick and seamless offer realization. In today's push towards the mobile banking channel by most banks it becomes very easy for the customer to accept offers from the bank made in real time with a few clicks on their smartphone. A true mobile first strategy!

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ASSISTO Consulting Ltd is a partnership of experienced banking professionals who have strong skills in Risk management, Finance and Data Analytics. Our goal is to develop and deliver revolutionary analytical solutions tailored to the client's business strategy, and help our customers in achieving double digits growth with clear and known risks.

The CO2 solution was developed in cooperation with our partner SAS Institute Inc. whose products are used by almost all banks worldwide.